Enticing TidBits - Reducing our footprint creatively
We are all in search of that item that sets us apart from the person next to us and "We Have It!"
Enticing TidBits is a concept of re-purposing and re-inventing. We breathe new life into these otherwise discarded items.  Enticing TidBits primarily makes occasional bags and purses with a future for other possibilities.
The materials we use are high end furniture fabrics, ranging from leathers, silks, and outdoor fabrics.
Handles and trims are from our re-purposed jewelry and sample trims.
Our goal is to make unique items from expensive and beautiful TidBits into Green and Savvy fashion accessories.
Our occasional bags are both great for travel and storage due to their flexibility, many offer a combo of fabrics and trims on both sides which gives you 2 in 1!  We see them as an affordable eco friendly accessory to accentuate your outfit or mood.
We currently do not sell our purses online, because they are all handmade and have to been seen to be appreciated.  We want you to see, touch and visually experience what an "Enticing TidBit" really is and the only way to do that is to visit us at one of our shows. 
Please go to our events page and come out and visit us at our next show.  We look forward to seeing you there!
NEWS RELEASE! - We have just added our line of "Purse and ality".
Due to the nature of some fabrics and the process of using as much of these materials as possible not to be wasteful, natural imperfections in the fabric and sewing sometimes askew, is not deemed as damage to these hand crafted items.
Our goal is to breathe new life to these otherwise discarded items and in that respect imperfections are part of the beauty of our craft. 
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